SPEEDRACER Silver Luxury

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It is a magnificent gift to offer or to offer to yourself, the "SPEEDRACER Luxury" box contains an iconic Schneider & Co brand watch: either a SPEEDRACER (full movement Schneider & Co SCo 038-01) and a choice of 4 additional bracelets interchangeable. It will give you an extraordinary watchmaking experience, by becoming the happy owner of a watch dedicated to motorsport and competition, embodied by the decor in colors reminiscent of the famous racing team that adorns its dial. . The black lacquered wooden box is in itself a superb luxury case, stamped with the seal of Schneider & Co with, as it should be, an aluminum nameplate. The box includes 4 additional bracelets and the tool to help disassemble the bracelet, so you can vary the pleasures by adapting the color of the bracelet to your desire of the moment. This luxury box will only be produced in very limited quantities, making it an exceptional object to which you will give pride of place in your environment. You will find the description of this exceptional timepiece with the link below.


Speedracer Silver and Orange