Cyril Cintas

Cyril Cintas (Watchpassionner) Artist illustrator designer, passionate about cars, motorbikes and watches, and founder in 2020 of the Watchpassionner brand.

He collaborates with many prestigious brands for design or illustrations: (Triumph; Harley Davidson; El Septimo; Mercedes; Toyota; Galuppo) as well as with many drivers and teams in motorsport. Based in France, he has designed several racing watches for Schneider&Co. several unique motorbikes and customised several other prestigious vehicles, his works are exhibited in several countries (USA; France; Belgium...) and in several major events (Rétro Mobile; Le Mans Classique; Epoqu'Auto etc) Official artist for the Mémoria Mécanica show in Montpellier on 16/17 December 2023. He creates works combining my drawings, photographs and paintings.