It was at the heart of Swiss watchmaking, in the Neuchâtel mountains and more specifically in Le Locle, that a totally new idea and business model crystallized that would shake up the habits of the watch industry.

Schneider & Co is proud to be one of the few watch brands that manufactures in-house most of the elements that make up its timepieces. Indeed, it has the means to produce its movements (plates and bridges) and all the trim, up to the bracelet buckle.

We bring together many watchmaking professions under our roof, starting with engineering, which has enabled us to develop and design our watch, which is based on numerous technical innovations that are completely new in watchmaking. But also programmers and adjusters from our machining centers, allowing us to assert our autonomy in the production of all our metal components. But our greatest pride is to master the most complicated step in the production of our watchmaking jewels, the assembly of the SCo 038 mechanical movement by our master watchmaker, in our workshops. The latter assembles with meticulousness and professionalism all the movements that come out of our workshops, he also ensures the interlocking of the movements, the tightness control and the final 48h operating control. It is always in our workshops that we put the finishing touches which is summed up by engraving the caseback with its serial number and personalized text if requested. the control department makes it possible to verify the accuracy of our components and the relevance of our assemblies, throughout the production process, to finally offer a product corresponding to the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking. Our robotic means of production give us a strong competitive advantage, allowing us to better control our costs, this is one of the reasons that allow us a very attractive price positioning.




Schneider & Co is also a close-knit family story, from the start, when everything was just an embryo, each member took on this project in their own way and brought their skills, strengths and suggestions to it in a common drive. creativity during our "brainstorming" meetings which welded this project into its original form at the beginning of 2017. It is in this spirit that everything continues today, a group project, a common desire , a goal that motivates us every day.
This is also what will make it easier for us to respond to the challenges that still await us and which already inspire us.