100% Swiss Made Aluminium Watches


At the heart of the Swiss watchmaking

Situated in the Neuchâtel mountains, Schneider&Co can be proud of taking part to the rare watchmaking brands which manufactured at the internal level the most part of the elements which compose its timepieces. The professions, that we have reunited under the same roof, come from the engineering to the "acheveur" and going through all the watchmaking arts including the watchmaker master. This one puts together and tests our mechanical movement, on the other hand, the programmer, is going to realize the automatic programs of our milled components. But we also control the polishing, "décalquage", crimping professions and watch cases assembling. Our equipment allow to solder to oven, to engrave by laser, to measure with precision all our pieces and to draw with the help of advanced computer softwares. We are equipped of robots allowing to execute our modern means of production 24h/24h for you, in order to have an access to our products with very competitive prices.

Schneider&Co familiy.

Schneider&Co is a family business who every member brings his personal thoughts and opinions in order to push Schneider&Co to its best level.

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