Home Assembly

This option is available with the purchase of a Schneider&Co watch.
For half a day, come and take part in the creation of your own timepiece with the help of a master watchmaker. You'll leave with your own unique creation on your wrist.

A unique and exciting experience! Immerse yourself in the world of watchmaking for a few hours in a workshop, accompanied by a specialist.

Explore a world that may have been unknown until now, revealing its secrets, precious movements and the delicate attention to detail needed to create the alchemy that will drive your future timepiece.

The programme includes a test run on a drive movement, assembly of the bridges and cock, fitting of the dial, attachment of the hands, casing, water-resistance test and power test.

At the end, you will receive a certificate attesting to the work carried out on your watch, signed by the CEO of Schneider&Co and countersigned by the master watchmaker.

An unforgettable experience, either as a gift voucher or for yourself!