Edition Unique

The Saga of the Brothers from Cleveland Heights - summer 2021

In the last century, from a Swiss-American idyll came,

two children destined for uncommon fame.

The eldest, a fighter pilot, brave and bright, flies an F/A 18 Hornet, master of flight.

In Switzerland, he presents the iron bird’s might, hoping to impress the authorities with its sight.

The younger, a dough master, an artist at heart, opens Vero Pizza, where his love is an art.

"My pizza is my work, my process, my art," each slice, a poem, each bite, a fresh start.

In the summer of 2021, their father seeks a sign, two watches crafted with love, a design so fine.

Two brothers, two arts, one in the sky, one on the ground, a father's pride, love profound.

The moral of the story, remember this part: no matter the path, passion guides the heart.




The 10 commandments - November 2022

For this order, several versions and inspirations were necessary before satisfying the customer's request.

The first version featured a painting of Christ on the cross. It was intended for in-house use, for an initial study, and was quickly discarded because it was too difficult to read.



The second version, with a mineral motif, is directly inspired by the tablets of the law given to Moses (Exodus 20:1-12) and sealing the covenant between God and his people.




The third version, which finally caught our attention, tends towards a graphic style
The Ten Commandments are depicted in pure form, with the Latin Cross enthroned at the top of the dial in the centre. The hands, crown, strap and red cross symbolise the blood of Christ.



LVb Flab 33 - June 2019

In June 2019 we produced the LVb Flab 33 watch.

This watch was given to the instructors and leader of the officer school as well as to the aspiring officers on completion of their training.

The dial is cut and hollowed out with the logo of the ground-air defence brigade 33 and engraved with the acronym LVb Flab 33, the Bodluv 33 training school.

At 12 o'clock, the dagger 43 is depicted, replacing the traditional officers' sabre from 1944 onwards, which has been an external symbol of authority, justice and valour since ancient times.

montre unique LVb Flab 33