The Schneider&Co watches are designed and made for the largest part at the internal level, beyond the most strict Swiss watchmakers standards, respecting the last watchmakers norms "Swiss made" 2017. Our unique concept combines the watch case and the aluminum movement, that allows a unequal solidity and lightness.

Our timepieces characterized by a mechanical movement are realized with thoroughness and attention in the best watchmakers tradition. Designed at the basis to offer a large diversity of colors and thematic variations, the material from a certain quality chosen and the overall conception of the main plate and the dial owned by our brand, provide some possibilities of variation, that you can discover on this web site. Due to our business-model of selling on Internet, we offer the best price/benefit ratio possible.

Watch Case

100% Aluminum  —  ø 44mm  —  3 ATM — Scratch resitant 
The watch case in aluminum with 44mm of diameter, offer all warranties of solidity and quality desired to protect our manufactured movement. The shapes of the watch case are related to a classical design of Schneider&Co. They are the reflect of a long Swiss watchmakers traditions, and at the same time offering a modern aspect, characterized by the aluminum.
This material is notably used in high technology industries as the automotive sector or the aerospace area. The middle watch is from a mono-bloc construction with an integrated bezel and the clipped on the bottom. It is got over a sapphire glass resistant to the scratches and composed with an anti-reflection treatment, we also have made it waterproof to 30 meters under water.  


Caliber Sco.038.01 — Manufacture Schneider&Co —  Mechanical — Hand Winding

The caliber Sco38.01 is a mechanical and manufactured movement that we can easily recognize with its external shape. It can be perfectly integrated in the watch case, without the use of a casing circle, that gives a unique construction in the watchmakers world. It is characterized by a small needle of seconds situated at nine o'clock on the dial. As all the Schneider&Co movements, it is put together by a master watchmaker who brings all his passion to the conception of a extraordinary timepieces. All these elements contribute to this set a provocative reliability. 


Real calf skin — Anti-allergenic — Engraved logo
The "Silverstar" is composed by a bracelet in real calf skin, with a black color, a alligator style, and same tone sewing. The reverse of the bracelet is anti allergenic and is declined in off white color. In a care of finishing, the Schneider&Co's logo is printed and engraved on the curl. 
The bracelet is perforated of nine holes allowing a perfect adequacy for all types of wrist. The size of the six hours part measures 125mm and 80mm for the midday part. The width of the lug is 22mm and 20mm for the curl location and this latter is engraved by the Schneider&Co logo. This bracelet brings an unchangeable finesse and contributes fully at the magnificence of the object. 


The mechanical watch of Schneider&Co is characterized, by the Sco38.01 movement, allowing the display of hours, minutes and seconds: 
Going from the position 1 (Pos.1), we just need to pull the crown on the outside to put it in position 2 (Pos. 2). From here, we have to turn the crown in order that the needles turn on the dial. After that, we have to position the needles as a way to represent the actual time. To finish the adjustment, it is essential to push the crown in order to put it again in position 1 (Pos. 1).


The mechanical watch of Schneider&Co is caracterized, by the Sco38.01 movement has a power reserve of 46 hours. It is therefore necessary to reload it so that it can continue to works: Going from position 1 (Pos. 1), we just need to pull the crown in order to hear a succession of "clicks" which are related to the reassembling of the spring of the cylinder.