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Schneider & Co watches present a number of incredible and unprecedented innovations in the watchmaking field! See for yourself:
Several models feature the surface polished movement plate, unheard of in watchmaking at this price point.

All our watches are built with a completely new fixing of the dial, in fact our dials do not have orientation feet but are oriented by the movement plate. This construction allows Schneider & Co to manufacture all its dials themselves.
We do not use an interlocking circle, the movement plate is fitted to the watch case. Only the fact of making your own movement makes this possible, most watch brands buy their movement and insert an adaptation part: the ring of interlocking. This way of doing things simplifies the construction and makes our watches more reliable.

An extra-light watch with an aluminum movement and an aluminum casing, right down to the dial, is our basic DNA. And that has never been done to our knowledge, for a Swiss watch anyway! And probably throughout the history of watchmaking.

A Swiss manufacture which manufactures the main components of the movement, all the dressing, which assembles and perfects the rate of its movement, which proceeds to the interlocking of its timepieces and which ensures the entire setting by its clean and simply out of the ordinary in this price bracket.

The business model is an important component of our DNA, in fact, Schneider & Co cannot be found in stores and is not distributed. It can be purchased on our site exclusively so as to drastically reduce the margins necessary for its marketing. Our performance in terms of price is therefore unmatched.


The 44mm diameter case offers all the guarantees of solidity and quality desired to house our manufactured movement. The contours of the case correspond to the classic design of Schneider & Co. They reflect a long Swiss watchmaking tradition, while offering a modern aspect, characterized by aluminum. This material is used in particular in high-tech industries such as the automobile or the aerospace field. The middle part is of monobloc construction with the integrated bezel and the clipped back. It is topped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, we have also made it water-resistant to 30 meters.



The Sco38.01 caliber is a manufactured mechanical movement that is easily recognized by its outer contour. It fits perfectly into the case, without the use of a casing ring, which makes this construction unique in the watchmaking world. It has a small seconds hand located at nine o'clock on the dial. Like all Schneider & Co movements, it is assembled by a master watchmaker who brings all his passion to the creation of an extraordinary timepiece. All these elements contribute to give this set a provocative reliability.



The leather straps of Schneider & Co watches are made of genuine calfskin, alligator style in black color, with tone-on-tone stitching. The reverse of the bracelet is antiallergic and comes in off-white. For the sake of finishing, the Schneider & Co logo is stamped and engraved on the loop. The bracelet is perforated with nine holes allowing a perfect adaptation for all types of wrist. The size of the part at six o'clock measures 125mm and 80mm for the part at noon. The width of the lug is 22mm and 20mm at the location of the loop and the latter is engraved with the Schneider & Co logo. This bracelet brings a design of unchanging finesse and fully contributes to the magnificence of the object.