A watchmaker first and foremost, but also a design enthusiast, in 2021 he founded the company that oversees the Schneider&Co watch brand with his brothers and sister and his father. Gautier is gifted with an original creative spirit, imbued with rigour, which led him to challenge himself to design a watch. The result is a reflection of his meticulousness and his search for harmony. Several trials were necessary and the birth of these two models was done progressively, somewhat painfully, going through several stages and questioning. In the end, two watches were born that perfectly reflect his desire to participate in the development of the family brand.

Gautier trained as a watchmaker at Rolex in Bienne, graduating with a full watchmaker's CFC. Not content with knowing how to assemble top-of-the-range movements, he continued his studies and, after two more years of study, obtained a diploma in watchmaking design. But the adventure did not end there, young enough to continue his studies, Gautier set about extending his knowledge in 2021, which is why he put his watchmaking career on hold for a while.

These two watches designed for Schneider&Co, combine purity of lines, simplicity and elegance, on a Schneider&Co watch that is offered here in a limited series.