Watch designer, Nathalie Jean-Louis practices the art of decorating watch movements with talent, in her workshop in Les Brenets in the canton of Neuchâtel, near Le Locle, in the heart of the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.

She works with most of the big names in top-of-the-range watchmaking and practices her art with exceptional skill and extraordinary passion. She does us the honor of sharing and applying her dexterity on a Schneider & Co movement which is offered in a very limited series.

Enhancing contemporary timepieces, the lime bevel is the ultimate finish giving life to the movement thanks to the play of light that reflects the virtuosity of the various endings applied to each component, at the heart of the watch. Very early on, she decided to pass on her know-how with passion by providing private English lessons in order to protect watchmaking heritage. Its expertise has earned it the opportunity to welcome watchmakers from around the world to its workshop in Switzerland. She thus generously shares her experience in order to perpetuate this precious and rare craft at the highest level.

Nathalie graduated in 1999 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Neuchâtel, she started out for 4 years at PIAGET in Côte-aux-Fées and followed up with an exceptional brand: GREUBEL & FORSEY. After a stint with the SWATCH Group, she decides it's time to become independent. She thus created DECORATION HORLOGÈRE in 2011 at Les Brenets and in the process decided to become a trainer while at the same time returning to her first loves, GREUBEL & FORSEY, for which she invested herself body and soul. We therefore find Nathalie on her website and she sees herself very active on social networks, not only to delight us with her magnificent photos of the practice of her art, but also to share with us her second passion which is painting. An artisan that must therefore be discovered at all costs!