Designer, fashion creator, Linda is passionate about her job, the very essence of which is imagination, which she is undoubtedly brimming with once you have discovered her couture collection!

She designs not only clothes but also jewellery and recently watches with Schneider&Co, in a collection that expresses her undeniably African roots.

She clearly stands out with a very refined and personal style that comes from her long experience in the luxury industry, where she has acquired her credentials and forged her knowledge to stand out in an environment reserved for an elite, indeed it is recently that Linda has profiled herself as an independent by creating her clothing line Melting Creation Couture.

Based in the canton of Neuchâtel, she continues to pursue her art of design with talent and has been rewarded for her efforts by successfully exhibiting her creations in Los Angeles and Paris, in fashion boutiques where the S&Co timepieces can also be found.

She will also take on a big challenge by being invited to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week in March 2022. Schneider&Co is particularly proud to share its art with you by giving you the opportunity to acquire a unique timepiece produced in a limited series.